Things To Consider When Getting Diamond Earrings

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamond earrings, especially, stud earrings, have been a popular choice among people since the latest nineteenth century. Diamond stud earrings create a versatile choice, as they suit everyone and can be worn with every dressing style. Diamond earrings create a simple, shiny, and elegant choice for you. But when getting diamond earrings, there are certain important factors you have to consider, which are listed below:

Solitaire Vs Pave

The most popular choice among people when it comes to diamond earrings is solitaire earrings. You can choose a wide variety of diamonds shapes for your solitaire earring, but the most commonly used options are round brilliants and princess-cut stones. While round brilliants make a traditional option, princess stones are a great way to create a distinct style.

When choosing a diamond earring, you have to consider the shape of your face. Round cut-stones create an appealing option for people with thinner faces, whereas, princess stones can flatter broad faces. You can also choose a wide variety of other diamond shapes including pear, cushion, emerald-cut, heart, etc.

The solitaire design creates a traditional choice when it comes to earrings, however, if you want a more artistic style, then pave settings can be an excellent choice. They also create a more budget-friendly option, as these earrings come with small stones or melee stones set together to form a cluster. “Melee diamonds” is a term used to denote diamonds whose carat weight is below 0.2. These small diamonds can be arranged together to form a wide variety of shapes including a circle, square, star shape, etc.

Source Of The Diamond

Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings

This is another parameter that is significant when choosing diamond earrings. When getting diamond earrings, natural diamonds are not your only choice. You can also get lab grown diamonds that have an ethical source in comparison with mined stones. These synthetic stones are significantly less costly than their natural counterparts.

When getting diamond earrings, it is important to check the source of the diamonds to verify that they do not have a controversial background. A lot of mined diamonds that are available today are associated with environmental hazards, exploitation of workers, and many other social issues. Hence, checking the source of your diamonds can help to verify that they have a conflict-free origin.

The Certification

When getting a diamond earring, make sure that it carries a quality certificate that holds the grades given for different quality parameters including the 4Cs. This is important to verify the value of the stones you are getting.

All these parameters are crucial when getting diamond earrings for you.

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