Is Radiant Cut A Better Choice Than Emerald Cut For Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Natural Diamonds
Natural Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

Emerald cut and radiant cut are the best choices for those who are looking for a rectangular and a less traditional lab-grown diamond for their engagement rings. People these days are more invested in lab-grown diamonds than natural diamonds because of various ethical and environmental reasons. If your fiancé-to-be wants a rectangular lab-grown diamond, then you should definitely choose one of these. However, choosing between them can be a bit difficult because both emerald and radiant cut have their own unique qualities.

Emerald Cut

With origins dating back to the 16th century, the emerald cut is among the earliest diamond designs. Originally designed for emerald stones, the step-cut facet pattern was used for diamonds to reduce the pressure during the process of cutting and avoid chips in the gems. The emerald cut, although less dazzling than the brilliant cut, emphasizes clarity with its lengthy step facets, letting the stone gleam and glitter.

Radiant Cut

Henry Grossbard, a great diamond cutter, came up with the initial radiant cut in 1977. Grossbard was well aware that while many people admired the emerald cut’s exquisite elongated design, they felt it lacked luster. His goal was to merge the greatest aspects of the emerald and round brilliant cuts into a single diamond cut that would maximize the brilliance of a diamond. Grossbard achieved the radiant cut in 1981 after years of meticulous experimentation. The graceful emerald shape has been reimagined as a new cut with unrivaled radiance.


The emerald cut’s facets are rectangles that run parallel with one other and the girdle of the diamond. A radiant cut diamond’s facets are in triangular forms and other non-rectangular forms. That means radiant cut diamonds do not appear to be as straight as emerald cut diamonds.


Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

The manner in which emerald and radiant diamonds are cut is one of the fundamental variations between them. The emerald cut is a step cut, whereas the radiant cut is a brilliant cut. Parallel facets on the step cut diamonds give them a sleek and elegant appearance, making it simpler to see their design. As a result, buying emerald diamonds with a higher clarity grade and color grades is critical.


A radiant cut diamond’s facets are sculpted and placed to highlight the diamond’s fire, brilliance, and reflection. Facets aren’t cut with this objective in mind in emerald cut diamonds. They are usually cut to showcase the stone’s clarity, but they also have broader, more dramatic light flashes.

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