Best Alternative Gemstones For Your Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings
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Diamond Rings

Getting a diamond ring for their engagement ring can be most girls’ dream. However, buying diamond rings might not be possible for everyone because of the huge price associated with these stones. But you don’t have to get disappointed, as there is a large number of alternatives to diamonds. They can offer a vibrant look to your ring with their brilliant colors and are less expensive than diamonds.

However, a lot of people love the shiny look offered by diamonds. If you want a diamond engagement ring, but cannot afford a natural diamond, you can go for lab grown diamonds that are less expensive than their natural versions. The price of these synthetic stones can be almost 40% less than natural diamonds. But if you are looking for stones with much lower rates, then it is better to choose alternative gemstones for your engagement ring.

Alternative Gemstones

Alternative gemstones are also precious stones like diamonds. However, their durability can be very low in comparison with diamonds. Hence, these stones might not be a great option for people who are working in an environment where a lot of pressure can be applied to the rings, as they can get damaged or break easily. However, they create a pocket-friendly option for your engagement ring, as their price can be significantly less when compared to diamonds.

Additionally, most alternative gemstones come in vibrant colors. Hence, they can be a great option for giving a unique and distinct appeal to your engagement ring. These stones can also offer a charming vintage look to your rings.

Some of the best gemstones you can choose are listed below:


The look of moissanite is pretty much similar to diamonds, but they vary in terms of how they shine. These stones are synthesized in a laboratory and they are not found naturally. If you cannot afford a diamond, but need a clear and durable stone identical to diamonds, then moissanite can be a wonderful choice for you.


Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

With their vibrant red color, rubies create a spectacular option for your engagement ring. Even though the durability of this stone is less than diamonds, ruby is still highly durable. But these stones can be more expensive in comparison with other alternative gemstones.


This stone is said to symbolize honesty and loyalty. Sapphires are available in both pink and blue hues. This stone is also durable than many other alternative gemstones, hence, it won’t easily get scratched.

These stones create an affordable, vibrant, and unique choice for your engagement ring.

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