Tips For Purchasing Budget-Friendly Diamond Rings

Metals For Diamond Ring
Metals For Diamond Ring
Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

It is potentially off-putting to consider the budget when you shop for diamond rings. It is a misconception that the higher a diamond is worth, the better will be its quality. It is possible to pick a better-quality diamond by spending a smaller amount of money. These tips will help you to make that choice.

Check Diamond Shape

When you shop for a diamond, you may be confused between its cut and shape. These are two different characteristics. The term shape means the external figure or outline of the stone. The word cut alludes to the symmetry, reflective quality, and facets of the stone. The round brilliant cut produces the most popular and the costliest diamond shape. When you wish to save on an engagement ring, consider a heart-cut or an oval-shaped diamond as its center stone. Every fancy cut diamond is more affordable than a round brilliant diamond.

Think About Diamond Clarity

The term clarity alludes to the blemishes and flaws of the stone. While inclusions occur in a diamond, blemishes are an external factor. The price and grade of a diamond would be lower if its blemishes and inclusions are higher. It is not possible to spot all the blemishes and inclusions with the bare eye. Choose an SI1, SI2, or I1 diamond when you are on a tight budget.

Go For A Low-Carat Diamond

There is more to rocking a diamond than flaunting a big-sized stone. The term carat refers to a measure of this stone’s weight, which gets determined on the basis of its length, diameter, and width. Carat does not dictate the visual size of a diamond. Manufacturers price diamonds as per their weight and quality. Purchasing a low-carat diamond can help you to save much money on an engagement ring.

Choose The Color Grade That Suits Your Budget

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Color is among the important features that impact the rate of a diamond. Near-colorless and colorless diamonds are generally highly-priced. On the other hand, white diamonds come under the D-Z color range.

Fluorescence Effect

Under the ultraviolet light, some diamonds emit a yellow or soft blue glow. When there is strong sunlight around, some diamonds have a small amount of sheen, and manufacturers set lower prices for them as compared to diamonds with little to no fluorescence. Consider purchasing a lower-grade diamond that fluoresces at a lower price.

Choose A Lab-Made Diamond

You can save up to about 50% on a jewelry piece with lab-grown diamonds. The source of the stones makes them more affordable than natural diamonds.

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