Tips To Care For Your Fancy-Colored Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

The trend of getting colored diamonds for engagement rings instead of traditional colorless diamonds has increased greatly. A lot of people now prefer the distinct and vibrant look offered by colored diamonds apart from the neutral look provided by colorless diamonds. Diamonds that come in different colors like yellow, brown, red, blue, pink, white, black, etc. are together called fancy-colored diamonds.

The color in diamonds forms as a result of some impurities getting trapped inside the crystal during its formation. Even though most diamonds come with slight tints like yellow or brown, diamonds with intense colors are very rare, hence, they are extremely valuable and costly. Most colored diamonds you see in jewelry are heat-treated to enhance their color. Heat treatments can make the color of diamonds more intense so that they become more valuable.

However, diamonds that have undergone treatments are less valuable than naturally colored diamonds. So it is important for you to know whether your fancy-colored diamond is treated or not. Additionally, heat treatments can change the property of the stone. Hence, when you clean or repair these stones using heat, it can alter their color. Therefore, find out whether your colored diamond is treated or not so that you can use them sparingly.

The following are some of the important things you have to know about caring for your diamond jewelry that come with fancy-colored diamonds.

Avoid Heat

When cleaning your diamond jewelry with fancy-colored diamonds, it is better to avoid heat, as it can alter their color if they have undergone heat treatment. This can make your stones look dull thereby reducing the appeal of your diamond jewelry.

Keep Your Colored Diamonds Away From Ultrasonic Cleaners

As colored diamonds that are treated will be sensitive to heat, it is better to avoid ultrasonic cleaners for them. In addition to ultrasound, such devices also use hot liquids to clean jewelry. However, hot liquids can damage your treated diamonds because of high temperatures.

Inform Your Jeweler

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

If your ring is damaged, then you will have to take it to a jeweler to repair it. But make sure to inform your jeweler if the diamond is heat-treated or not. This can help the jeweler to repair your jewelry carefully without damaging the stones.

Lab-Grown Colored Diamonds Are Also Available

Lab grown diamonds are available in different colors. They are also affordable than natural-colored diamonds. So if you want fancy-colored diamonds for affordable rates, then lab-created stones can be suitable for you.

Hence, be careful when choosing colored diamonds for your engagement ring.

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