Composite Diamonds As A Cost Effective Option

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Artificial Diamonds
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Diamond Rings

Composite diamonds are the go-to design for the ones who prefer large center diamonds on their engagement rings, without emptying their pockets. Cluster diamond designs featuring composite diamonds can be set beautifully in any ring or band to get a unique engagement ring with a lot of sparkle.

Set To Sparkle

Composite diamonds are artistically and carefully placed together to create the illusion of a single large diamond. The arrangement usually ends up having an unmatched sparkle and eye-catching appearance that is preferred by many brides-to-be. The stones are arranged in such a way that their beauty and sparkle is maximised. They are sometimes glued together to form a big stone with joints that are not clearly visible to the naked eye. Such stones made by joining two or three smaller stones are then set in a design that was originally intended for a large single stone. The doublets or triplets arranged in such a way simulate the appearance of a large stone set as a center stone in diamond rings.

The Good And The Bad

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Affordability is the major attraction of composite diamonds. They give the same look as that of a large diamond without being heavy on the pocket. The cluster designs are unique and they offer lots of possibilities in settings and intricate details being added to custom make aesthetically pleasing designs that stand out. The negative aspects of composite diamonds are also worth considering before investing a fair amount of money in a piece of jewellery featuring cluster diamonds.

While cluster diamond designs come at attractive price tags when compared to traditional bigger stone settings, the resale value of cluster diamonds will be nowhere near that of a solitaire or other bigger stones. The cost and difficulty involved in repair of cluster designs are big enough to partially negate its positive effects. If one small diamond from the cluster is lost, it may be quite difficult to find a piece that exactly fits the place of the lost stone in the design. Same is the case with losing a stone from the ones glued together to make a bigger stone. You might end up paying a lot of money to get a matching diamond and also in repair costs.

Composite diamonds are a great option for diamond rings since they offer a balance of class and cost in most designs. The cost effectiveness of composite diamonds is relevant during purchase and not during resale; hence it is advisable to not consider them as great investments.

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