A Comparison Between Princess Cut And Cushion Cut Diamonds

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Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring

When selecting your diamond engagement ring, the shape of the diamond is an important factor to consider. The diamond shape is where the design journey of a diamond ring starts. This is because the entire structure of a ring is designed to concentrate attention on the center stone. Remember that an engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime, so choose the one that best suits you and your bride.

Princess cut and cushion cut are two popular diamond cuts that are widely used for engagement rings. In this article, we are comparing the features of both these cuts.

Cushion Cut And Princess Cut: An Overview

The cushion cut resembles the shape of a square cut with rounded corners, much like the shape of a pillow. The cushion cut dates back centuries, but most of the diamonds available currently have modern cushion cuts. Modern cushion cut preserves the shape of the old cushion cut but has more brilliance and fire compared to the old cut diamonds.

Princess cut diamonds are square-shaped diamonds that offer excellent brilliance and fire. Princess cuts are also called square modified brilliant cuts and they contain up to four chevron patterns. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds with both these cuts are available and preferring lab-grown diamonds can be a cost-efficient way to acquire a diamond.

Now let us discuss some features of both cushion cuts and princess cuts.

Cushion Cut

A cushion cut can offer you great sparkle and fire along with a unique shape. The high scintillation of cushion cuts can efficiently hide minor inclusions and flaws in the diamond. This means that you can go a little easy on clarity grades of cushion cut diamonds.

When compared to round-cut diamonds, the price of a cushion-cut diamond is 15-20% lesser on average. The lower price is because a cushion cut produces very less raw-diamond wastage and doesn’t have as much demand as a round cut diamond.

Princess Cut

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Lab-Grown Diamonds

The princess cut feels modern and classic at the same time. This diamond cut is versatile, which means that it is suitable for many ring settings and styles. Princess cuts are very affordable when compared to other diamond cuts. Another advantage of the princess cut is that the diamond looks slightly bigger than its size. This is because the higher diagonal measurement of the table provides the diamond with a larger face-up area. The major problem with princess cuts is that they have sharp corners. These sharp corners are more susceptible to chipping than the rounded corners of the cushion cut.

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