About Engagement Rings With Aquamarine Stones

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

Aquamarine is the March birthstone that comes in the blue color to the market. It is quite a hard and durable stone, which has an 8 rating on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. The product comes in the Beryl gemstone types that have hexagonal crystal structures. It is versatile as well as works stunningly in an array of sizes, categories and price points.

When you seek engagement rings with non-diamond gems, it is common to come across emerald and sapphire settings. Those are solid options with heirloom qualities, making them ideal for engagement jewelry that you can pass down to the next generation.

Aquamarine is equally an engagement ring contender and for good reason. While in even the palest blue color, you cannot describe aquamarine as a stone equally colorless to a diamond, it can come close. You need not bother about aquamarine clashing with other stones or attire as it just fits in.

It is also important to consider the price of aquamarine rings. When on a tight budget, you may find it a good option for its beauty and a lower rate than diamonds. Due to affordability issues, some people do not want even lab grown diamonds although those are pretty cheap stones.

Royal watchers have long been romanticizing royalty aquamarine rings. For instance, Meghan Markle has a ring with aquamarine that once belonged to Princess Diana. While Meghan Markle’s aquamarine ring is no engagement jewelry piece, the product can easily inspire it.

Perceived Advantages Of Aquamarine Jewelry

It Can Reduce Stress

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Blue is a soothing or cooling color for human beings. Therefore, the blue hues of aquamarine can accent your neck while keeping you safe from the evil eye. As you are stressed out, you might feel that a mental blast is on its way. It is believed that aquamarine can stop that kind of sensation.

Other Therapeutic Benefits Of Aquamarine

Aquamarine can benefit the user when they have a sinus condition and that can make them cough often. It is thought to be an extremely effective stone for chronic allergies like bronchitis, colds and hay fever.

People believe that aquamarine has soothing effects on those with eczema, psoriasis and so forth as well as that it helps to keep herpes outbreaks from happening. It is thought that aquamarine cures skin conditions like shingles as well.

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